8 Ways to Create a Restful Bedroom

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Everything we read tells us that sleep is the ultimate restorer. Want to improve your concentration? Get more sleep. Want to look younger? Get more sleep. Want to feel motivated? Get more sleep. Want to improve your circulation, improve problem-solving abilities, be more productive in your day? Get more sleep. There’s little wonder that getting a good nights’ sleep is imperative for a healthy body and a healthy mind, allowing yourself the time you need to repair and rejuvenate for whatever life throws at you during waking hours.

However, getting the most restful, deepest sleep is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. Personally, I suffer from a sleep disorder known as night terrors, where I wake up in the night scared and anxious, heart beating out of my chest but with only a hazy memory of what it was that woke me. As a result of my own sleep disorder, getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely imperative to my well-being and so I’ve taken time to research what will give me the best quality I can get.

Perhaps for you, it may be anxieties of the day that keep you tossing and turning or perhaps external factors that keep you lying awake far longer than you’d like. One of the easiest things you can do is to make sure both your body, mind and of course, your bedroom is really optimised for rest and relaxation. Adopting a few of these design tricks might just make getting your head down a little easier.

Choose the right mattress and the right size bed

One of the most important investments you should be making for your sleep is a good quality mattress. Bigger is almost always better so a Queen or King size bed when sharing will always be much more comfortable to allow for stretching out and getting comfortable. The mattress itself should be neither too soft or too firm, supporting your weight comfortably. When it comes to your mattress, you will always want to ‘try before you buy’, giving yourself the best possible chance to find something that’s right for you.

Invest in good quality bedding

There’s little wonder why we all seem to enjoy visiting a luxury hotel. Snuggling into high-quality sheets is always a pleasure and so why skimp on that quality when you are at home? Buy the best quality you can afford. Higher thread-counts mean a tighter weave and a softer, heavier drape on your body, creating a wonderful oasis to crawl into each night.

Consider black-out blinds or heavily lined curtains

If the early morning sun is waking you from a restful slumber far too early in the morning or if you have street lights or passing cars lighting up your room, then you’ll want to swap to either heavily lined curtains that you can close or black out blinds which will block any light coming into your room. Your body clock works on light so the less in your room when you are trying to sleep, the better.

Remove Tech

Research has shown that the screens on our devices emit blue light which can actually be damaging to your body’s natural clock at night. In order to get the best rest, it’s important to switch off your devices at least an hour before your head hits the pillow. It may be difficult not to sneakily check on your Instagram before shut eye but your body will thank you in the morning! To make it easier, consider leaving your devices in another room entirely before unwinding to resist the temptation to check your emails or social media just one more time!

Remove Distractions and Clutter

While it’s important not to have a lot of tech cluttering up your room (including a TV), ensure there are no distractions of the day around you either. So if you have paperwork cluttering up your dresser or you have a pile of laundry that still needs to be put away on the floor, these items may remind you of the chores you have yet to do. Disassociating your bedroom with these activities and keeping it as a place of rest imprints the idea that the bedroom = sleep and not work.  Create a stress-free zone in your bedroom so that the last thing you see at night is a tidy space and this is the last thing you see before shutting your eyes.

Consider your lighting

While you probably need general or ambient lighting in your bedroom (usually the single light fixture in the center of your ceiling), before winding down at night, it’s important to set the mood for sleep and relaxation. Consider bringing in other smaller light fixtures – a pair of table lamps or smaller wall lights at the sides of your bed is a good start. With only these smaller task lights on, you will create a restful environment rather than a bright space.

Create a bedtime routine

Keep your body on a regular schedule for the best night’s sleep and be sure to go to bed and get up at the same times each day, even on the weekends. In your nightstands, consider keeping some pampering products to help you unwind. It can be as simple as softening body lotion, a lavender-filled eye mask or a warming (or cooling) neck pillow to give you a little relaxing treat before winding down.


Lavender has long been known for its sleep-inducing properties. Try adding a few drops of lavender in your night-time bath, use a scented eye mask or tuck a lavender sachet under your pillow. Or you may want to consider sipping camomile tea – another scent known for relaxation – just before bedtime to signal your body it’s time for rest. Jasmine and Vanilla can also help induce restfulness and sleep so consider a scent diffuser with any of these fragrances for the bedroom.

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If you are looking to revamp your bedroom to create the perfect relaxing environment, here are our favourite picks!

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How to Refresh Your Home for Spring


After what may have seemed a very long winter, spring is finally making its appearance. The days are getting longer, the sun is higher in the sky and you can finally feel the warmth on a particularly sunny day. While we may only just be at the very start of March, there’s a certainty that Spring is nearly here and what better way to welcome it then bringing a little of that sunshine into our homes.

Thankfully, a refresh for Spring doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A bit of a clean here and there, swapping out winter fabrics for lighter ones and adding a few new accessories is really all you need to give your home a reboot this season.

Spring Clean

Start with a good clean. I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but after a long cozy winter with windows closed, your home will likely require a good dusting and scrubbing. Clean the windows inside and out to allow as much natural light as possible to come in, vacuum under beds and sofas, dust glassware and art and clean any open shelving you may have (especially in the kitchen). Tidy away the kid’s toys, the remote controls and clear anything extraneous from your rooms.

Change Your Curtains

While you may have had heavier curtains at the window to conserve heat through the winter, they block light and can make a room feel slightly stifled. With warmer temperatures coming, consider taking them down, getting them cleaned and then storing them away until Autumn. Swap these for lighter fresher sheer voiles or unlined cotton or linen which allow any sunlight to come through.

Swap Out Cushions, Rugs and Throws

In winter, we love to surround ourselves with thick chunky fabrics like velvet, faux fur, wool and soft knits. In the spring, it’s time to clean them and store them away. Swap out your heavier cushions, throws or deep piled rugs for lighter fabrics that breathe. Consider airy cottons and linens and low-piled rugs to give your home a lighter fresher look.

Time for an Edit

It may be natural to ‘nest’ during the colder months, allowing for clutter to form in our home. In the warmer months, extraneous clutter can feel claustrophobic so while I’m not necessarily advocating becoming a minimalist, you may want to consider a bit of an edit. Go through your things and decide if they still speak to your style or if they’d be better placed with someone else who will appreciate them more. Sell anything higher value online on auction sites or Craigslist to give yourself the extra funds to spend on a few new items you’ll love or consider donating items to your local charity.

Change Up Your Accessories

One of the simplest and cost-effective things you can do is change up your accessories from room to room. Can the lamp in your bedroom work in your living room? Would the rug in the dining room look better in the bedroom? Can you swap around some of the accessories on your mantle or coffee table to breathe new life into it? Will the art in the hallway bring some color to your kitchen? When we see the same displays and objects over and over again in the same context, we stop ‘seeing’ them. Give them a new lease of life by changing their location and start to love them all over again.

Add Some Plants & Flowers

And finally, our plants may have had a battering over the low-level light of winter but now’s the time for them to start to grow again. Dot some plants along windowsills or hang them from the ceiling in a sunny spot. Add some fresh flowers to your coffee table or nightstands and bring in some life.

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If you are looking to refresh your home for Spring, why not pick up some new accessories for your home? Here are our favorites for the season in fresh colors and finishes.

Spring Refresh by My Two Designers Moodboard


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How to Style a Home Office


We are a nation of entrepreneurs, of start-ups and home workers. More and more of us are working out of our own homes these days and for good reason. Sitting in a featureless office cubicle day in and day out can be a bit soul-destroying and so being able to work from home allows you convenience (no commute!) as well as an opportunity to carve out a space you love that reflects your personality. Whether you need a small home office to pay bills, browse the internet or earn a living, here are a few simple tips to making the space your own.

Find the Right Space to Work

One of the most difficult things about working from home is how easy you can become distracted. Finding a balance between a creative, inspiring space and the urge to work from the sofa with one eye on your favorite daytime TV show is paramount to being productive. Find a quiet well-lit space that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world without a lot of easy distractions.


I am a maximalist at heart and I love colorful interiors so it was natural for me to inject my home office with bold color and pattern as seen above. Choose colors for your office that make you feel happy as well as energized. For me, a bold salmon pink was warm and bright, exciting me about the day ahead. This is, of course, a personal choice but you’ll want to choose shades and tones that induce a positive response. Personally, I couldn’t work in a grey or fully neutral office – you may be different! – but recognizing the colors that have a negative effect on our psyche are just as important to avoid as those that make us feel our best.

Love the wallpaper in my office? You can get it here on My Two Designers!


Storage is normally on the top of the list as a requirement for a great home office. An organised spot for accumulating paperwork will give you space to breathe and think. Trays, storage boxes, a filing cabinet or a shelving system or a combination of all of these will keep your office tidy. You may want to consider scanning hard copies of paperwork and keeping an electronic copy on your computer’s hard drive or stored in a cloud for clearing paperwork, especially when space is at a premium.

If you have the space, attractive shelving will do the work of both providing storage as well as a place to display items. Your home office should really look as though it’s an extension of your home’s decor and you can make sure it fits in with the aesthetic you love. As such, don’t be afraid to display some personal items like treasured photos or mementos on the shelves.

Your chair

While a dining table may work as a makeshift desk when browsing the internet, having a comfortable office chair will ensure your back and legs are properly supported. Sitting for hours hunched in front of a laptop is never going to be the most ergonomic option but with a comfortable chair, you’ll get more done – especially if you aren’t distracted by that pain in your lower back.

Inspiration Board

If you work in a creative field, you may want to consider creating an inspiration board for your office.  Not only will it provide a jolt of inspiration during inevitable slumps in your creativity, but they can be completely personalised to what you love and how you work.  The beauty of a physical mood board is in its tactility as well as its ease of changing it when the mood strikes. Consider incorporating magazine cut-outs, fabric pieces, old postcards, encouraging letters from your clients or anything else that makes you feel good about your working life. This is a spot that can be entirely personal and allows you to tell your own story.


While it may be difficult to include more than a few small frames on a desk in a corporate job, in your home, you can adorn your walls with art you love. It can be mid-century oil paintings you snagged at a yard sale, framed photos of your family or colorful abstracts that you are drawn to. Whatever you include, art has the ability to make any room look more polished. It can also help to tie an office area in a shared space into the rest of the scheme.

Personal objects

Using items in your decor that are personal to you and your life can give you a sense of belonging as well as create some layers of personality to your space. Consider items picked up in your travels, objects that have special meaning to you or your family, or things you’ve created yourself. All of these things will contribute to bringing your personality in.


When working from home, you’ll no longer have to rely on a fluorescent bulb flickering overhead like you get in so many drab office spaces and it certainly doesn’t have to be ugly and utilitarian. In fact, this is one area you can have some fun! Use lighting that compliments the overall look and feel you are after. Here, a stylish overhead fixture and a simple gold task lamp combine to create a welcoming feminine space. Choose a few pieces of lighting to cast enough on your work area and that compliment the look you are trying to achieve.

Attractive Small Storage

Even the practical items we all need in our office spaces – pens, pencils, notepads, folders and the like – can be a part of your overall design theme. There are plenty of stunning stationary products on the market for nearly any style. Indeed, how much nicer is it to work with items you love and want to use on a day-to-day basis to keep you motivated?

Add Some Life

And finally, no space is really complete without a bit of life. Adding a lovely inexpensive bunch of flowers picked up at the supermarket or a potted plant can actually increase your productivity, relieve stress and help purify the air. Plus, they add an organic element to your surroundings which always make a space look more complete.

Get the Look

Now there’s no excuse not to have a gorgeously styled home office! To help you along, we’ve selected some of our favorite desks from our collection. Check them out and let us know which one is your dream desk in the comments below!

Home Office Style on My Two Designers

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Pantone’s COTY 2017: How to Use Greenery In Your Home


Pantone, the color experts, recently announced the latest trendy hue that will be coloring 2017: Greenery, a bright citrus green, that evokes the first bursts of Spring and reminds us to reconnect with nature. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute explains, “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate, revitalize and unite, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”


While we spend most days immersed in technology, that reconnection to the great outdoors feels more important to our well-being than ever. The trend for houseplants has been going strong for the last few years and while I adore bringing plants into my home for an inspiring pop of organic color and texture, I admit, I was a little apprehensive about Pantone’s choice. I adore so many shades of green, from deep emerald to warming olive and the deepest forest green. However, this zingy shade had me scratching my head for a while, trying to figure out how it could be used in interior design.

Thankfully, there are quite a few examples of using this color successfully, without it looking like a 1990s throwback or a children’s playschool.

While you may for a moment, consider a color is only as good as what it looks like splashed across the walls, this shade of lime can become over-stimulating very quickly. My suggestion is to combine it with colors and materials that are darker and more textured to balance it out. Above, a brick wall and industrial style furniture keeps the bright zesty color on the wall from overwhelming the space and warm wood floors gives it the earthy palette of Mother Nature.

Another example of Greenery combined with brick and wood but this time in the furniture. I don’t think there’s a color out there that can’t be improved by it being translated into velvet and this hue is no exception. Suddenly, this bright citrus shade becomes a bit more serious, more elegant and understated. It’s soft and inviting rather than stark or aggressive and it blends subtly with other upbeat shades of blue and turquoise.

Speaking of blues mixed with Greenery, designer Meg Braff used this pairing in a coastal inspired living room. It’s a bold choice for a pair of sofas but it’s balanced with white walls and accents of turquoise. Brass makes everything look a little more glamorous and warms up a cool palette and mixed with our new favourite citrus hue, suddenly the color feels fun and energised without looking adolescent.

In a restaurant application, Pantone’s Greenery is used as a bold shot of colour in a monochrome and brass space. I have to admit, this is probably the image that won me over to Pantone’s choice, combined seamlessly with glamorous gold accents and bold patterns. Again, the colour is interpreted in velvet, making it instantly more sophisticated, suiting its Monaco clientele. Black will always be a grounding color in a space and this zesty green suddenly feels warmer and more appealing.

I’ve spoken about the trend for dark interiors before and so, if you think you can’t pair this bright shade with dark walls, you’ll be pleased to see you can. As in the restaurant application previous, this home uses a dark wall color to ground this vivid shade and pulls other colors into the room with art and textiles. It’s a wonderful balance of light and dark and can add real drama to your home.

I’m hoping the inspiration above will have convinced you that Pantone’s Color of the Year can be a bold addition to your home this year. Consider using it in furniture and accent pieces as well as in combination with other shades for the most satisfying effect. We have a range of products in this shade – which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.


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How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom


With the holiday season upon us, we may find ourselves welcoming more overnight guests into our homes. Whether it’s friends traveling in from another state, extended family from overseas or a friend who’s had one too many at our festive cocktail party, ensuring your guest bedroom is a welcoming space is more important than ever at this time of year.

How do you make sure you’re prepared and guests leave feeling like VIPs in your home? It actually comes down to some of the finer details of our space. Creating a cozy and private room for guests to relax doesn’t have to cost the earth but it can be important to pay attention to a few things that are easy to prepare ahead of time.

First up is possibly the most obvious. You should always have a set of crisp, clean, good-quality sheets at the ready for last minute guests. We all know that great bedding can lead to a great night’s sleep so give your guests the 5-star treatment with a high-quality thread count. As with all bedding, buy the best that you can afford.

You’ll want to include an additional blanket folded at the end of the bed in case they get a bit chilly in the night too. There’s little denying that a great looking throw gives any bed a luxurious finish.

A set of clean towels (preferably a matching set!) is also a given. You’ll want to include at least one bath sheet, a hand towel and a face towel for each guest.

Have a fresh pitcher or carafe of water at the bedside table to quench your guest’s thirst and remember to refill it with fresh water for every night they stay. Want to create an ever more exclusive feel in your home? A small tea or coffee station in the room will allow guests to help themselves in the morning.

via Lonny / Photographed by Toto Labrador

via Lonny / Photographed by Toto Labrador

It’s always helpful to have a free electrical outlet somewhere (preferably near the bed) to allow your guests to plug in and recharge their phone or devices overnight. And don’t forget to share your wi-fi password too!

Leave some space on a hanging rail or in a wardrobe to allow guests to hang up their clothing. You can also clear out a drawer in a dresser and be sure to let your guests know it’s there waiting for their personal items.

Fresh flowers polish off any room so a small vase of blooms on a nightstand creates a lively welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to change them out if they start to droop during a longer stay.

A small empty bowl can be placed on the bedside table to corral any jewellery or watches that guests may remove so they won’t lose track of it during their stay.

A small box of travel toiletries is also a nice touch just in case your guests have forgotten something – shampoos, conditioners, body wash and moisturiser could come in handy. A new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste and a fresh disposable razor are always helpful too. Want to go the extra mile? Include some luxury bath products to up the 5 Star factor!

Why not leave a selection of books and magazines you think your guests might enjoy in the room as well? If they are staying for a longer time period, you might wish to include a map of the area, highlighting any great sightseeing spots they might want to take in during their visit or restaurants you would recommend.

For a real taste of luxury, consider leaving a fresh bathrobe and new slippers for each guest – always in crisp, clean white!

And for a final flourish, a small bowl of chocolates or candy will create a luxury hotel feel without a lot of effort.

It’s the little things that clearly add up to a great stay in your home so make sure your guests feel welcome at all times with these little tips!

Looking for the perfect pieces for your guest bedroom? Check out our Bridgehampton Collection! Here’s our take on the perfect guest bedroom.


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How to Create a Cozy Neutral Look for Winter


With the colder weather finally here and looking to stay awhile, you may be wondering how to create a warm look in your home to carry you through until the warmer months are here again. For me, the best way to have a room read as ‘warm and cozy’ is through layers of textiles and colors inspired by our natural surroundings. Neutral hues are not only beautiful, they also rarely go out of fashion so incorporating these colors into your design is always a great way to ensure you won’t tire of it any time soon.

Of course, there are varying shades of taupe, chocolate, beige or the many other shades that could be construed as being in the brown family which may immediately come to mind when we think about neutral shades. However, varying shades of white and ivory – from linen and cream to pearl and brilliant white – all come under the neutral family as does shades of black – from deepest slate to soft charcoal and the dusty blue and green greys as well. The color grey – proclaimed by interior designers everywhere as the ‘new neutral’ – has over 500 different shades that can be seen by the human eye.

Source: Style Files

Source: Style Files

So when we start to consider the wide range of colors we really have to choose from, why not understand how to use this vast array to create a perfectly cozy retreat from the cold weather?

If we consider textiles, winter is the perfect time of year to bring in soft touchable textures to play against harder surfaces in the space. So you might want to consider using a shaggy deep pile rug with a soft worn leather sling chair or choosing to pair a velvet footstool against wooden parquet flooring. These textures will play against one another creating interest and layers in your design.

Source: Swoon Worthy

Source: Swoon Worthy

When using neutral colors, be sure to mix up the range and saturation that you are using. While the colors may be more muted, you’ll still want varying shades of light and dark to contrast each other. Use less variation to create a calming effect or use both dark and light shades to create a space with more energy. The greater the contrast in your colors, the more energy created so think about what feeling you’d like in your room and let that be your guide.

You’ll also want to think about patterns. With neutral tones and shades, you can layer patterns more easily as there won’t be the strong colors to distract the eye and it’s a little easier to play up a good mix and have fun with it. Try to keep in mind when mixing patterns to stick with one large-scale pattern, one medium scale and one small scale pattern along with some solid colors that pull everything together and keep the look calm and comfortable.

Finally, consider adding some organic shapes and color to your design by way of houseplants. Whether you use large potted trees or tiny succulents dotted along a windowsill, plants will add their own unique layer to a home whilst also purifying the air and adding an additional layer for cozy style. Choose natural terracotta and ceramic planters alongside woven baskets for textural warmth or consider macramé planters for a boho chic vibe.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite neutral furniture and accessories to bring in a bit of cozy warmth to your home this winter!


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Why Gold Is the Metal of the Moment


The inclusion of brass and gold in interiors is nothing new. From centuries past, gold was seen as a marker of wealth – that of kings and those in power – because it was so impossible for the common people to attain it. While happily, times have moved on so that this metallic finish is really available to all, it’s not lost its ability to create drama, glamour or status.


Just like so many trends, gold has moved in and out of fashion and most recently it was considered very ‘out’ towards the end of the 1990’s and early in this century. However, it’s enduring appeal is having a resurgence in decor with antique, brushed and polished gold appearing in nearly every form. It’s a return to a bit of opulence and the display of status but it certainly doesn’t need to be done in excess to look stunning in any setting. Even smaller touches will go far to creating a warm display.


From the image above, we can see that a single gold chair stands out in a setting of mostly monochrome hues with a touch of blush pink, proving that sometimes less is more. A few simple touches of the metal of the moment will create a luxe look without overwhelming the senses.

In fact, using golden metallics in your interiors are a wonderful way to bring a bit of luxury into your home. With reflective surfaces in many forms creating a stir in design shows worldwide, there’s little wonder that this trend is being adopted by interior designers and architects as well as homeowners in recent years.


One thing to keep in mind is that gold is a warmer metal than finishes like chrome or stainless steel. The golden light that’s reflected in it casts a softer glow to surfaces and it’s a great way to make a space that feels cold come to life. In the bedroom above, cool hues like the blue wall and green footstool combine effortlessly with a vintage rug and rattan bed but it’s the gold light fixture above that gives the room a touch of glamour and pulls these hues together.


If you love decorating with darker shades, brass and gold will gentle reflect light around the space and sit beautifully against a deeper backdrop. Pull in other luxurious fabrics like velvet and faux fur for an opulent touch or a rug with golden threads as seen above. The rich palette, textures and the touches of gold make for an inviting bedroom scheme and will create a cozy feel come nightfall.


Even mid-tones and neutrals will benefit from the use of gold or brass. The soft grays become warmer and richer with the inclusion of gold accessories and lighting and even the walls have benefited from a bit of sparkle, bringing attention to the architectural details in the space.

gold coffee table with stylish accents

In a predominately white space, using a gold accent in your tables will create a relaxed and glamorous vibe when combined with touches of warmer shades like pinks, oranges and corals. A bright pale space is instantly uplifted and using clean lines will mean the look remains unfussy and grown up.

We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite gold and brass furnishings and accessories to bring a little warmth and luxury to your own space – which is your favorite?

Gold Furniture and Accessories from My Two Designers

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Image sources:  Swoon Worthy / Adore Home – Photography by Annette O’Brien / Alexandra Evjen / Adore Home – Photography by Armelle Habib / Lonny – Photography by Toto Labrador / Ceres Mercurio – The Pink Dream

How to Style a Coffee Table

feature image

While a coffee table may just end up being a repository for coffee mugs, magazines and the various remote controls you may have, it really can be so much more. Your coffee table, in a prime position in front of your sofa, can be the perfect location to share a bit of your own personality and style. Ignoring this hard-working piece of furniture when styling the rest of your room would be a grave injustice when it could be a star player in your living room design!

style me pretty living room

Today, I’m sharing my top tips on creating a stunning coffee table display, using items you probably already have around the house! There are a few things that I always use on my coffee table that provides me with a pleasing display that’s fairly practical as well so I’m breaking it down for you below. You can use a variety of these or all of them, depending upon your personal taste so it’s easy to create something that still works with the rest of your home in terms of the style you choose.

Beautiful Books


One thing that works especially well on a coffee table is coffee table books. Yes, it does seem obvious but a short stack of books will add some height, color and interest to your table display. Choose hard back books that speak to you in terms of their subject matter – whether you have a favorite artist or designer, if you love classic cars or the great outdoors, crafting or interiors, your coffee table should share your interests with your visitors and guests by way of the books you choose.

I often try to use books with jackets that carry the colors of my living room so that they coordinate but this is a personal preference for getting a more pulled together design. It’s entirely up to you which books you’d like to choose.

Greater Heights

Design Daredevil elegant coffee table

You always want to include something with a bit of height on your table as well. This draws the eye up and around your display, creating interest and makes for a more attractive vignette. Think about using an obelisk, candle sticks, a tall vase or a potted orchid to create height. You can always layer these items on top of the stack of books too.

Tray Chic


A tray will always be handy in any vignette to corral smaller items together to make them look more purposeful. Choose one that marries well with the style of your home. If you love the rustic farmhouse look, a weathered wood tray would be the perfect companion to your coffee table. If you have a more glamorous style, then perhaps a simple mirror tray or a brass and glass tray will provide the right finishing touch.

Gorgeous Glow


I nearly always include candles on my coffee table as well. When the sun goes down and I want to create a cosy atmosphere for movie nights, candles will provide a beautiful ambiance like nothing else. Whether you go for taller candle sticks or small votives, again, this is entirely a personal choice but the inclusion of a candle or two will always look beautiful on any coffee table.

Go Green


If you look at styled images of coffee tables in magazines or online, you’ll rarely see one without some kind of life on it. A potted plant or a vase of flowers will add an organic touch to your table as well as color and texture. Consider a display of succulents in a variety of plant pots for a more casual display or a tall glass vase filled with cut flowers for easy elegance.

A Bit of Whimsy

Swoon Worthy coffee table with brass cranes

Finally, to really bring your personality into your room, consider adding one thing that gives your coffee table a bit of personality. I like to include something that might be a conversation starter, whether that’s a brass lobster (yes, I have one of those!) or a piece of jewelry handed down from your grandmother or a set of beautiful old paint brushes that belonged to your artist father. So always try to include something in your styling that may raise a question from your guest and add a personal touch or some whimsy to your table.

Get the Look!

Of course, having a beautiful foundation for your display is always a great place to start so check out all our favorite picks below!

Coffee Table Style


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Image sources: Photo by Lindsay Salazar, Designed by Studio McGee for Style Me Pretty / Home via Laura / The Design Daredevil, Photo by Megan Thiele / Amber Interiors, Photo by Tessa Neustadt / The Brunette One / The Everygirl, Styling and Photography by Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss / Swoon Worthy

Get the Look: Modern Boho

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If there’s one look that’s very ‘hot’ right now (well, it is summer after all), it’s the modern interpretation of bohemian style. We’ve had boho style since the late 1800’s – the look of transients, artists, poets and those who wished to live unconventionally. In the 1970’s, we had the hippie movement which was, at its core, a rebellion of the status quo and the styles of the times reflected that bohemian past and a relaxation of the rules. Today, we’re seeing that 70’s influence in both fashion and interiors but it’s been tapered by the times we live. One in which we are immersed in technology day in and out and so people are seeking a balance, a sense of peace, a feeling of community and a return to bringing nature into our spaces.

Happily, you don’t have to book a ticket to Marrakesh nor do you need to put your mattress on the floor and hang up a canopy (unless of course you want to, then absolutely go for it!). This is really more about embracing textiles and patterns, mixing styles and creating a laid back look that’s easy to love and easy to live with.

Today, I wanted to talk about getting a modern boho look in your home and how to incorporate a few touches for an eclectic, well-travelled look and I’ll share some products to help you achieve it too.

Clashing Textiles

boho style with clashing textiles

Textural accents are one of the key elements of the boho style. Get comfy with mixing patterns in your rugs, cushions and throws. This look works best with heavily patterned fabrics in Ikat, tie-dye and traditional designs from Turkey to Morocco, Mexico to India – areas where traditional dying and hand weaving are still being used today. You can create some cohesion by looking for commonalities in the colors but don’t get too caught up in trying to find a perfect match. Allow yourself to be guided by your eye – many of these types of prints look wonderful clashing with each other and the layered look is paramount to this style.

Lots of Plants

boho kitchen with plants

While a single plant on a windowsill will bring life to your home, if you want to truly embrace the boho look, then it’s not a time for minimalism! Hang plants from ceilings in macramé planters, create a wall feature using greenery and utilize a sunny corner in your home to show off your plant gang. Every room can benefit from some plant life including the kitchen and bathroom. It’s really about quantity here so look for plants in various sizes and contrasting leaf shapes, utilize unusual vessels and create your own little indoor garden. When it comes to boho, go big or go home.

Moroccan Inspired Lighting

boho style bedroom

Stealing inspiration from Morocco, dot lanterns along your floors and hang pendant lights that create fractured patterns on the walls. Even paper lanterns casually strung along a surface or mirror create a welcoming atmosphere that invites you to sit back and bask in the starry glow of warm ambient light.

Natural Elements

boho style gallery wall

One of the other components of boho style is that it embraces of idea of bringing the outdoors in so incorporating elements from nature is the final flourish of relaxed living. Consider warm and unfinished wood finishes in organic shapes, rattan and bamboo furniture, sisal and jute rugs. Accessorize your space with objects found in the great outdoors – feathers, beautiful mineral and agate stones, shells, branches and even ethically harvested animal skulls and hides.


stone incense dish

And finally don’t forget to play on all your senses. Infuse the air with incense for a touch of the exotic warmth of other cultures for a truly bohemian touch.


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How to Create a Perfectly Styled Bar Cart

bar-cart-with-art-and-books copy

With retro all the rage for the last few years and a love of 60’s and 70’s design infiltrating both fashion and home, having a stylish bar cart has not just become a sign of any self-respecting socialite, it’s practically de rigueur for anyone wishing to have a trendy home. While there are lots of options available here on My Two Designers (check out our favorites at the bottom of the post!), what you put on your bar cart is almost as important as which particular style of cart you choose.

So how do you create a perfectly styled bar cart that looks just as good in use as it does in between those cocktail and dinner parties you’ll inevitably want to throw once you have it in place? We’ve got you covered. Here are the only things you really need to create a gorgeous “Pinterest-worthy” display:


glassware on bar cart

While a good selection of various glassware will be an essential, you certainly don’t have to stock every type of glass to create a well-styled area. If your go-to drink is a dry martini then you’ll of course want to make sure you have a few martini glasses but take cues from your favorites and then add two to three other varieties as well. Consider red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, high-ball glasses and tumblers. Vintage glassware can be found in thrift shops and yard sales – mixing and matching with those from big box stores will often make for a unique and collected look.

Interesting Bottles

bar cart in blue room

You’ll want to stock your favorites so why not choose those varieties of alcohol that not only taste great but look good too? From the bold turquoise glint of Bombay Sapphire Gin to the allure of gold embellishment on the Chambord bottle, the morose glam of Crystal Head Vodka and the stately simplicity of Hendricks Gin, there are plenty of beautifully designed bottles which will make your bar area shine.

Cocktail Shaker

new darlings on domino

How else will you create your legendary signature cocktail without a cocktail shaker? There are so many on the market now that will make any home bar look professional and they come in at every different price point so there’s really no excuse not to have one handy to get the party started. For bonus points, consider adding a matching selection of other bar ware tools like a jigger, tongs and a bottle opener.

Something Living

waiting on martha bar cart

Adding some freshness and height to your bar cart using flowers or plants is always the perfect finishing touch. No need to go with an expensive bouquet here – a few simple subtle blooms in a tall vase or a small leafy plant can be just enough to add that organic touch to your display and goes a long way to creating an inviting look.

Art or Books

bar cart with art and books

While these may not be the first things we consider for our bar cart, a small piece of art or a few stacks of books creates added interest for a look you simply can’t ignore. Stack books and magazines and pop a small bowl filled with lemons or limes on top and lean artwork against the wall to add visual height and color. Try to incorporate either one or both for a great looking display.

Champagne or Ice Bucket

ice bucket on bar cart

A great looking champagne or ice bucket deserves to be seen so why not include this on your bar cart too? Perfect for allowing guests to mix their own drinks and not have to raid your freezer for additional ice, keep it well stocked to ensure every drink is cold and refreshing.

Check out our very favorite bar carts below and see our full selection here on My Two Designers.

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