10 Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive


While most of us wouldn’t mind living in a fabulously expensive home, there are very few of us that actually have the budget to do so. Well, there are plenty of little tricks you can employ to make your home look more expensive – without blowing the budget! So if you are interested in getting a high-end look without the wallet-busting high price, read on…

Tip 1 – Swap out your light fixtures

light fixture in dining room

Something that is often neglected is the main lighting in a room but nothing adds to the atmosphere (or takes away from it!) more than the quality and quantity of light your room receives. Replace that boring light fitting with something more dramatic and you’ll instantly raise the profile of the entire room. Consider adding wall lights to create small pockets of light to add additional ambiance.

Tip 2 – Invest in neutrals for your largest pieces

pale grey sofa in glam living room

Ever notice that homes decorated by interior designers use plenty of neutrals? While you can add color with your accessories, keep the largest pieces like sofas in a neutral color to maximise it’s longevity, allowing it to easily fit into your scheme, no matter what your style. Check out our range of high quality sofas in a wide range of neutral fabrics and colors to bring that designer look home.

Tip #3 – Line Your Curtains

pink curtains in dining room

While breezy light-filtering curtains are fine for summer, once cooler weather sets in, having your curtains lined adds weight and luxury to even the most inexpensive curtains. If you are a daft hand with a sewing machine, you can easily do this yourself but if not, a friend or relative may be able to help you. If you don’t fancy the hassle, there are also plenty of ready made lined curtains that can do the job just as easily! Consider using a heavier weight fabrics like velvets and jacquards for a luxury finishing touch to a room scheme.

Tip #4 – Hang Your Curtains High and Wide

Speaking of curtains, hanging them right up to the ceiling and slightly wider than the edges of the windows actually gives the illusion of much larger windows, a higher ceiling and a loftier, more open space. It’s a clever trick that’s easily employed – just make sure your curtains hang all the way to the floor! Never use curtains that don’t touch the floor – it will instantly cheapen your decor and spoil the illusion of height.

Tip #5 – Consider Re-tiling


Changing out old, damaged tile from your bathroom and kitchen needn’t be expensive. By using inexpensive subway tiles, you can instantly update the entire look and feel of your space for a great price. Even better? Subway tiles have been fashionable for a century and so you need not worry about them going out of style – they are a true classic!

Tip #6 – Add Panel Moulding to Walls

panel molding

This works particularly well in period properties but you can add height and interest to walls even in a newer property by using inexpensive wood trim to create a luxurious look. Paint out to the same color as the walls or consider painting them white or gold for an interesting contrast against a wall color. Keep the spacing even and symmetrical for a stunningly luxurious look.

Tip #7 – Add Ceiling Roses


Architectural details are a great way to make your home look more expensive. Give your light fixtures a grand accent by installing ceiling roses. Again, this works particularly well in period homes (it’s best to use styles that are in keeping with the age of your property) but even a simple rose will make an impact on a newer property.

Tip #8 – Add Crown Molding to Your Ceilings

Again, adding those all important architectural details really make a room stand out. Adding crown molding to the gap between walls and ceiling instantly trims out a space and elevates the look and feel of a room. Whether you choose the more expensive decorative cornicing in plaster or simple and inexpensive wood, there’s no doubt that a feeling of luxury can be achieved on any budget.

Tip #9 – Display Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of cash to add luxury to your space. A simple inexpensive bouquet from the local supermarket can be all you need to add sophistication. Simply break up the bouquet by stem type and create several small arrangements to spread around your home.

Tip #10 – Clear the Clutter


And finally, a messy home will never look quite as expensive as a tidy one. Keep clutter at bay with simple storage solutions and banish the mess with our organisation tips for every room. Having a place for everything will instantly update and create a calm and welcoming atmosphere whether you’ve spent a lot or just a little on your home’s decor.

I hope these tips today have helped you to see you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a luxurious look in your home. Have you any tips to add yourself? I would love to hear from you.

Get the Look - How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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