10 Ways to Create a Statement in Your Interiors

You can call it the ‘Wow’ factor or the ‘focus’ of a room but one thing is for certain – making a big statement in terms of your style is big news in interiors right now. It’s the one thing that draws attention, turns your head, perhaps even makes your jaw drop and creates an instant style moment in a space.

While I firmly believe that every single room in your home should have some statement quality about it, how do you inject that magic element of surprise or intrigue into your own home? Today, I’m going to share with you 10 different things you can do – either individually or if you’re feeling brave, in combination – to get that statement look in your interiors.


statement art

While the gallery wall is still popular, the newest way to make a real design statement is go big with your artwork. Choosing one large piece to anchor your room will dictate the mood and possibly palette of your space so deciding on a piece you really love will be the most crucial step.  While larger art may be pricey, don’t forget you can also get large canvases from your local craft or hobby store and with a few paintbrushes and paint, you may just unlock a secret talent!

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statement wallpaper

With the trend of wallpaper still riding a crest in popularity combined with new technology in the digital print arena, narrowing down which one to use in a space can often be overwhelming with all the choices available. Consider things like your preferred color palette, the addition of texture or movement within a pattern and the mood you want your room to evoke.

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statement mural

Create depth and drama with wallpaper’s newest sibling by choosing a wall mural. This works especially well in a large space where the full design can really be appreciated so steer clear of using in a narrow room or hallway.

Oversized Lighting

statement lighting

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statement colour-1

For the price of a few cans of paint and a few hours over the weekend, an entire room can be transformed simply by changing the color. With deep jewel tones a popular trend this Autumn, why not give in to the dark and choose something dramatic? Or sometimes it’s simply a matter of choosing one bright item in an otherwise neutral space to add a statement to your space.

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statement floors-1

Another hot trend is the use of patterns for your flooring. Consider a statement rug with a bold design for your living room or bedroom or cement or encaustic tiles for a hallway, bathroom or kitchen. Keep the rest of the space simple to ensure maximum focus is on the floor.


statement mirror

Like a large piece of artwork, a statement mirror is really all about the size – and the bigger the better! Mirrors not only double the depth of a room but they also bounce any light back into the space making them both practical as well as statement-makers.

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 Unusual Furniture

statement furniture-1

Using unconventional or designer pieces in a room is another way to create a strong style statement in a space. Combine with pieces from different styles and eras for a real dose of eclecticism and be prepared to turn some heads.

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statement metallics.PNG

The glint of warm metallics can make any space more stylish. Brass and gold warm up a space, reflect light and adds intrigue, especially when used in unexpected places as above. Or, consider choosing beautiful metallic furniture for glamorous touch.

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statement monochrome

For the minimalists of the world, there’s still one more fantastic way to create a statement by using the ultimate restrained color palette. Using only black and white in a room creates high contrast and energy whilst looking fantastically stylish as well. Be sure to add lots of textural elements for interest for maximum statement style.

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What statement will you be making in your own home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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