5 Small Changes That Make a Big Impact in a Room

feature wallpaper

If you are looking for a way to refresh your space but don’t have the time, budget or inclination to do an entire redesign, then you’re going to love my post today.

There are certain shortcuts you can take that make a big impact in a room without having to go through the trouble of starting all over again and none of these changes take very much time. They are all game-changers that can make the difference between a room seeming a little bland or flat to giving a space that va-va-voom you were hoping for.

Paint it in a different color

Pale blue kitchen

There’s nothing more transformative to a room than changing its color. Consider your soft furnishings, artwork or accessories to pull your paint color from and allow these existing hues to influence your final decision. If you want a really big change, take your room from a light color to a dark one or vice versa. It’s something that can be accomplished in a single weekend and is relatively low-cost for the impact it makes in a space.

Change the rug

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We often forget about our floors when decorating but the right rug can make all the difference to a space. You always want to go larger than you think when choosing a rug and while this may add to the cost, the impact it makes is well worth the investment. As a general rule, in the living room, any furniture on the perimeter needs to have at least the front legs on top of the rug – no ‘postage stamps’ beneath your coffee table! It will only make the room look smaller. In a dining room, make sure that chairs can be comfortably pulled out without coming off the rug. Consider something high-impact with lots of movement or pattern or calm the room with a neutral that has a subtle but inviting texture.

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Swap your artwork to something large and in charge

large artwork in workspace

While gallery walls have been popular for some years, we are starting to see a movement to larger pieces taking their place. Consider replacing your smaller, less significant pieces with statement-making artwork that really speaks to you. One great piece can really take a room to the next level, draw the eye and pull together a color scheme.

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Create a wall of shelving

wall of shelving

If you have a large wall that’s looking a little bare, why not transform it into a place to display your beloved books and belongings? Not only will it create huge impact, but it will also allow you to show off your personality with pride. Keep the clutter to a minimum by not overfilling the shelves but do add interest by incorporating a few pretty pieces like bowls, plants, ceramics or objects to break up the look and ensure there’s some negative space where the eye can rest.

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Add wallpaper

feature wallpaper

Finally, if your room is lacking in color or pattern, consider adding wallpaper. You can create a single feature wall to draw attention to a particularly lovely view or if you are feeling brave, cover every wall in your chosen pattern for maximum impact. There are so many wallpaper styles available, you’re sure to find something you love. For rented spaces or if you are afraid of tiring of a large pattern over time, consider removable wallpaper which will add all the impact without the commitment.

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So those are just five ways to add really big impact to a room without having to start from scratch! Have you adopted any of these ideas in your own home for quick results? I’d love to hear from you if so!


Image sources: Idha Lindhag for My Scandinavian Home / Elija Hoffman for My Domaine / Bliss at Home / Mademoiselle PoirotEmily Henderson

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