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If there’s one look that’s very ‘hot’ right now (well, it is summer after all), it’s the modern interpretation of bohemian style. We’ve had boho style since the late 1800’s – the look of transients, artists, poets and those who wished to live unconventionally. In the 1970’s, we had the hippie movement which was, at its core, a rebellion of the status quo and the styles of the times reflected that bohemian past and a relaxation of the rules. Today, we’re seeing that 70’s influence in both fashion and interiors but it’s been tapered by the times we live. One in which we are immersed in technology day in and out and so people are seeking a balance, a sense of peace, a feeling of community and a return to bringing nature into our spaces.

Happily, you don’t have to book a ticket to Marrakesh nor do you need to put your mattress on the floor and hang up a canopy (unless of course you want to, then absolutely go for it!). This is really more about embracing textiles and patterns, mixing styles and creating a laid back look that’s easy to love and easy to live with.

Today, I wanted to talk about getting a modern boho look in your home and how to incorporate a few touches for an eclectic, well-travelled look and I’ll share some products to help you achieve it too.

Clashing Textiles

boho style with clashing textiles

Textural accents are one of the key elements of the boho style. Get comfy with mixing patterns in your rugs, cushions and throws. This look works best with heavily patterned fabrics in Ikat, tie-dye and traditional designs from Turkey to Morocco, Mexico to India – areas where traditional dying and hand weaving are still being used today. You can create some cohesion by looking for commonalities in the colors but don’t get too caught up in trying to find a perfect match. Allow yourself to be guided by your eye – many of these types of prints look wonderful clashing with each other and the layered look is paramount to this style.

Lots of Plants

boho kitchen with plants

While a single plant on a windowsill will bring life to your home, if you want to truly embrace the boho look, then it’s not a time for minimalism! Hang plants from ceilings in macramé planters, create a wall feature using greenery and utilize a sunny corner in your home to show off your plant gang. Every room can benefit from some plant life including the kitchen and bathroom. It’s really about quantity here so look for plants in various sizes and contrasting leaf shapes, utilize unusual vessels and create your own little indoor garden. When it comes to boho, go big or go home.

Moroccan Inspired Lighting

boho style bedroom

Stealing inspiration from Morocco, dot lanterns along your floors and hang pendant lights that create fractured patterns on the walls. Even paper lanterns casually strung along a surface or mirror create a welcoming atmosphere that invites you to sit back and bask in the starry glow of warm ambient light.

Natural Elements

boho style gallery wall

One of the other components of boho style is that it embraces of idea of bringing the outdoors in so incorporating elements from nature is the final flourish of relaxed living. Consider warm and unfinished wood finishes in organic shapes, rattan and bamboo furniture, sisal and jute rugs. Accessorize your space with objects found in the great outdoors – feathers, beautiful mineral and agate stones, shells, branches and even ethically harvested animal skulls and hides.


stone incense dish

And finally don’t forget to play on all your senses. Infuse the air with incense for a touch of the exotic warmth of other cultures for a truly bohemian touch.


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