How to Use Accessories to Warm Up a Space

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Ahh yes, it’s January. Once the seasonal decorations come down and your homes is stripped back to it’s former state, you may be feeling as though your house is lacking a little lustre. And while this may be the case, it might be too cold to venture outdoors at this time of year and so you may be spending more time at home. With that comes the desire to feel as though your home is a bit like your personal nest – somewhere to can curl up, safe and warm, with a good book and a cup of coffee or huddle down until the roads are clear on a comfy sofa with our loved ones to catch up on the latest series on Netflix.

Well, you can bring in a lot of visual and practical warmth simply by changing up some of your accessories. While pale colours and light fabrics may work well in your home in the warmer months, the winter requires a little more coziness. Of course, you don’t have to completely redecorate with every season but there are a few things you can add that will make all the difference.


cosy bed with cushions and throw

This is probably the most obvious one but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Creating that cozy nest will require a few changes in things like cushions, throws and blankets and possibly rugs and curtains. Who doesn’t love the feel of warm, fluffy fabrics against their skin at this time of year?

Create an inviting and warm look by swapping your regular pillows for some knitted beauties, consider adding a throw or two to the sofa and keep those chilly nights at bay with something soft underfoot. The textures of things like wool, velvet, fur, knits and pelts immediately bring to mind comfort and warmth, something that we crave when the temperatures dip.

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warm wood and textiles living room

One of the beauties of wood is that unlike man-made materials, it tends to warm up to the temperature around it. So it never feels particularly cold or unwelcoming. The natural grains and colours of wood also bring a warmth in terms of color into our homes and tends to ground the space, bringing the best of the outdoors in.

Choose a few wood accessories in deeper shades to accent your décor and remember that Mother Nature never gets it wrong in the style stakes.

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gold tables in cosy living room

With it’s reflective properties, the beauty of warm metals (think brass, gold, copper and rose gold) is that any available light will be bounced around a room. During a time when the sun may be a bit more scarce than normal, make the most of it by using accessories that warm up the space by their ability to transform the light into something magical.

Consider introducing warmer metals into your home by way of gilded cushions, a gleaming side table, smaller ornaments, tables and lighting.

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multiple lights in one room

Speaking of lighting, there’s no better way to bring a bit of softness and ambiance into a space than with your lighting. So often a neglected feature, a blazing overhead light does little to create a cozy atmosphere. Instead, ensure your main lighting is on a dimmer and then accent it with soft pools of light from table lamps, sconces and floor lamps. A soft golden glow will be cast, creating a flattering and comforting light for those around it.

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So these are just a few ways to add some warmth to your abode this winter! How do you warm up your space in the winter? I’d love to hear from you!


Image sources: Julien Fernandez via Abigail AhernFlo Design Studios via Domaine / Amber Interiors / Ashley Gieseking via Domino / Diana Ousdal

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