Why Gold Is the Metal of the Moment

The inclusion of brass and gold in interiors is nothing new. From centuries past, gold was seen as a marker of wealth – that of kings and those in power – because it was so impossible for the common people to attain it. While happily, times have moved on so that this metallic finish is really available to all, it’s not lost its ability to create drama, glamour or status.


Just like so many trends, gold has moved in and out of fashion and most recently it was considered very ‘out’ towards the end of the 1990’s and early in this century. However, it’s enduring appeal is having a resurgence in decor with antique, brushed and polished gold appearing in nearly every form. It’s a return to a bit of opulence and the display of status but it certainly doesn’t need to be done in excess to look stunning in any setting. Even smaller touches will go far to creating a warm display.

From the image above, we can see that a single gold chair stands out in a setting of mostly monochrome hues with a touch of blush pink, proving that sometimes less is more. A few simple touches of the metal of the moment will create a luxe look without overwhelming the senses.

In fact, using golden metallics in your interiors are a wonderful way to bring a bit of luxury into your home. With reflective surfaces in many forms creating a stir in design shows worldwide, there’s little wonder that this trend is being adopted by interior designers and architects as well as homeowners in recent years.

One thing to keep in mind is that gold is a warmer metal than finishes like chrome or stainless steel. The golden light that’s reflected in it casts a softer glow to surfaces and it’s a great way to make a space that feels cold come to life. In the bedroom above, cool hues like the blue wall and green footstool combine effortlessly with a vintage rug and rattan bed but it’s the gold light fixture above that gives the room a touch of glamour and pulls these hues together.

If you love decorating with darker shades, brass and gold will gentle reflect light around the space and sit beautifully against a deeper backdrop. Pull in other luxurious fabrics like velvet and faux fur for an opulent touch or a rug with golden threads as seen above. The rich palette, textures and the touches of gold make for an inviting bedroom scheme and will create a cozy feel come nightfall.

Even mid-tones and neutrals will benefit from the use of gold or brass. The soft grays become warmer and richer with the inclusion of gold accessories and lighting and even the walls have benefited from a bit of sparkle, bringing attention to the architectural details in the space.


In a predominately white space, using a gold accent in your tables will create a relaxed and glamorous vibe when combined with touches of warmer shades like pinks, oranges and corals. A bright pale space is instantly uplifted and using clean lines will mean the look remains unfussy and grown up.

We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite gold and brass furnishings and accessories to bring a little warmth and luxury to your own space – which is your favorite?