Hand wood planer vs Benchtop wood planer: Which is the best wood planer?

As with most tools, the former planer was designed manually, without electricity. Today, electric wood planer, as well as the best thickness planer, has been quickly accepted and selected by customers. Because its special design has made every woodworking project much easier and faster.

However, we cannot default to which device is more modern, the better. That is completely wrong. Because each type has its advantages and disadvantages. And there are many different things to consider when comparing these two devices.  And it is important to consider their purpose and performance.

To further study the characteristics of the two planers. Keep track of this article, I will point out the pros and cons of each type for you to review and know more. Let’s explore.

Hand wood planer

Hand wood planer
Hand wood planer

A hand planer may be a manual tool but not an outdated one. And it is the best wood planer for beginners. Because it is a compact, simple tool that makes users easy to use. Besides the beginners, professional workers also prefer using it. They always put in their toolbox a hand-held planer because Its convenience brings.

However, they are not the ideal tool to apply for all materials because using them on rubber, plastic or metal can cause the blade to get blunt and break. Therefore, this planer is best used only on wood.

  • Some of the most important benefits of a handheld planer you need to consider include:

Flexible use: You can use it to plan the surface of the wood from little too deep. However, I observe that. Hand wood planer can only plan on the surface of the board. If you want to plan deeper, you will have to plan many times which is quite laborious for the user.

Needed for wood processing: Good woodworking is a skill that requires many different craft tools and years of experience. Using an electric hand planer would be the best choice for good woodworking, although a manual machine would also be a perfect tool. However, in some projects that require meticulous and thorough manipulation, the benchtop planer is not an ideal device. Because it can only complete well the job of shaving large woods quickly.

Affordable: Hand planer is the best wood planer for the money. Because their prices are quite affordable only about 40 USD consistent with the income of most people. This can be quite helpful, especially for beginner woodworkers who don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars to buy an electric planer.

Benchtop wood planer

Benchtop Thickness Planer
Benchtop Thickness Planer

If you are working on large-scale projects or if you are responsible for refurbishing large pieces of wood, a benchtop planer can be an extremely useful tool. It supports you finish the wood shaving work quickly and saves you a lot of time than using a hand wood planer.

However, they are quite bulky in size. Moreover, its versatility is also worse than hand-held planing machines. You will have difficulty if you want to carry or remove it,

  • Some of the most outstanding features of the bench planer include:

Easily restore wood: If you’ve ever had the opportunity to use bench planers in the past, you’ll know how easily they can rebuild wood. This is most evident in the case you want to replicate rough, lumpy logs than buy polished wood from a wood mill.

Dust collection: Another huge advantage that bench planers compared to handheld planers is the ability to collect dust after each cut. This feature keeps the machine always clean. And it will help the process of working without errors related to dust caused.

Considering the need for using the planer

Different usage needs will require different types of planers. We will consider a few aspects of the following:

If you want to plan a large, rough board, then a bench planer is an ideal tool (as I said above). If you need to make the surface of the wooden board (which has gone through the process of making the surface) smooth and flatter. You should use a hand planer. Because using a handheld planer to assist smooth the wood surface and get rid of imperfections such as holes and scratches.

Besides, if the wood you need to manipulate is warped or skewed in any way. Because of these factors, it is advisable to use a bench planer to help flatten it.

In conclusion

I have finished my overview of the two types of hand wood planers and benchtop wood planers. Although this is not an extensive comparison with the best reviews, this is a good starting point if you have started to consider buying the best wood planer for your workshop. Thank you for reading all of this article.

How to choose the best laser level?

It can be seen that the laser level is becoming an important product that a lot of consumers choose and use nowadays. There are a lot of types of laser level on the market with different forms, color, and functions. It is high time for us to choose one of those to serve for our works. That also opens a lot of chances for us to choose the appropriate laser levels for our needs because we can see and find the laser level in any places, any streets, and any stores or markets. However, we should keep in mind that we need to get a good laser level to achieve the best work. So the purpose of my article today is to help you have some good tips to choose a laser level that pleases us during working.

I must say that choosing a good laser level is very important for us in life and working for some following reasons. First of all, the quality and operability of each equipment are the main factors that directly affect job quality and work efficiency. Besides, we must choose each equipment carefully before bringing it to us because we can know the feature and appearance of it. I would like to show you some effective ways to choose the best laser level for our works here.

The demands of works

The first thing that we need to do before buying any types of laser level is to determine the characteristics and requirements of our works. It is one of the important steps that we must follow because of some reasons. Firstly, We must know that the laser level does not have one type but it has many different types. That’s why we also need to understand carefully the characteristics and functions of each laser level before buying it. Generally, we need to find out about the specifications of the laser level so that we can select an appropriate laser level for our works.

We often divide the laser level into two main types that are based on the color and the amount of laser output. They are read beam-type and green beam type. There are some differences between the red beam type and green beam type about function and feature. If you need to measure things outdoors, you should choose to use a green laser type. The reason is that the green laser type will be more visible when outdoors so it is convenient for us to us. Moreover, the red laser type will be suitable for measuring things in the house. Each type will have different applications and functions so we have to know and classify both of them. Last but not least, the number of beams of the laser level can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, or 12. We must also remember and take note of this feature when buying the laser level. I have an important tip for you is that the more complex and the higher the precision your job required, the more beams the laser level need to emit. So that is all the first tip that I would like to introduce to you.

The brand of laser level

It is also very important for us to care about the brand of laser level for some causes here. So do you know how to choose the best brand of the laser level? I will give you some notes now. You can find out the brand of this tool on the internet to know what the brands are famous and reputable so we can make the decision to choose the best brand. Moreover, we also can ask people who have the experience to get the knowledge and feedback about the laser level. That is a popular way for us to choose the best laser pliers. If we do this step, we can have good quality equipment, high precision, low errors, and especially, the most durable service life.

The budget

The budget of each person is also an important thing that we need to keep in mind. The laser level will have a different price on the market that is depended on a lot of factors. The best quality laser level usually cost much more than the average laser level. So we can choose any types of laser level that are suitable for you.

In conclusion

I hope that you can get the knowledge in this article and apply them to your life and your work. Although that may be flawed I wish my article may be useful for you.

How to Style a Coffee Table

While a coffee table may just end up being a repository for coffee mugs, magazines and the various remote controls you may have, it really can be so much more. Your coffee table, in a prime position in front of your sofa, can be the perfect location to share a bit of your own personality and style. Ignoring this hard-working piece of furniture when styling the rest of your room would be a grave injustice when it could be a star player in your living room design!

style me pretty living room
style me pretty living room

Today, I’m sharing my top tips on creating a stunning coffee table display, using items you probably already have around the house! There are a few things that I always use on my coffee table that provides me with a pleasing display that’s fairly practical as well so I’m breaking it down for you below. You can use a variety of these or all of them, depending upon your personal taste so it’s easy to create something that still works with the rest of your home in terms of the style you choose.

Beautiful Books


One thing that works especially well on a coffee table is coffee table books. Yes, it does seem obvious but a short stack of books will add some height, color and interest to your table display. Choose hard back books that speak to you in terms of their subject matter – whether you have a favorite artist or designer, if you love classic cars or the great outdoors, crafting or interiors, your coffee table should share your interests with your visitors and guests by way of the books you choose.

I often try to use books with jackets that carry the colors of my living room so that they coordinate but this is a personal preference for getting a more pulled together design. It’s entirely up to you which books you’d like to choose.

Greater Heights


You always want to include something with a bit of height on your table as well. This draws the eye up and around your display, creating interest and makes for a more attractive vignette. Think about using an obelisk, candle sticks, a tall vase or a potted orchid to create height. You can always layer these items on top of the stack of books too.

Tray Chic


A tray will always be handy in any vignette to corral smaller items together to make them look more purposeful. Choose one that marries well with the style of your home. If you love the rustic farmhouse look, a weathered wood tray would be the perfect companion to your coffee table. If you have a more glamorous style, then perhaps a simple mirror tray or a brass and glass tray will provide the right finishing touch.

Gorgeous Glow


I nearly always include candles on my coffee table as well. When the sun goes down and I want to create a cosy atmosphere for movie nights, candles will provide a beautiful ambiance like nothing else. Whether you go for taller candle sticks or small votives, again, this is entirely a personal choice but the inclusion of a candle or two will always look beautiful on any coffee table.

Go Green


If you look at styled images of coffee tables in magazines or online, you’ll rarely see one without some kind of life on it. A potted plant or a vase of flowers will add an organic touch to your table as well as color and texture. Consider a display of succulents in a variety of plant pots for a more casual display or a tall glass vase filled with cut flowers for easy elegance.

A Bit of Whimsy


Finally, to really bring your personality into your room, consider adding one thing that gives your coffee table a bit of personality. I like to include something that might be a conversation starter, whether that’s a brass lobster (yes, I have one of those!) or a piece of jewelry handed down from your grandmother or a set of beautiful old paint brushes that belonged to your artist father. So always try to include something in your styling that may raise a question from your guest and add a personal touch or some whimsy to your table.

Get the Look!

Of course, having a beautiful foundation for your display is always a great place to start so check out all our favorite picks below!


How to Create Drama with Dark Paint Colors

dark grey living room with pops of colour

Moody hues. They’ve been on our radar for quite some time now but 2016 looks to be the year that dark paint colors become much more mainstream than a trend just adopted by the design-saavy.

I’ll be honest with you – when I first saw black walls becoming a ‘thing’ on interior design sites a few years ago, I assumed it was a passing fad. It reminded me of my youth, all black eyeliner and ripped jeans with Doc Martins and posters of obscure bands on my wall, writing furiously into my journals about my parents just not understanding me and endless tomes about my latest crush.

But I realised slowly, this was different. It wasn’t “parental rebellion” I saw in these images. It started with the odd feature wall but slowly, I was seeing entire rooms enveloped in dark cozy inky colors, natural textures comfortable against their moody backdrops, pops of bright hues engaging my senses in ways I’d never before noticed and metallics gleaming as stars against a night sky.

This dark movement started quietly but for me it was probably British interior designer and entrepreneur Abigail Ahern who was the main culprit in bringing it to the mainstream. Her inky hues are the signature of her maximalist California / Old West/Bohemian look.

The legions of followers of her popular blog (myself included) picked up our paintbrushes by the masses, equipped with the tools and advice we needed to make this look work and soon thereafter, I committed myself wholly by saturating the walls in my bedroom with a nearly-black slate grey. I was immediately converted as was my other half who took a full year of convincing before he let me do it.

my own black bedroom

The main concern most people have before committing to a dark color is that it will make the resulting space feel a lot smaller. While this may be the case, I do find that the edges of the room, encased in that darkness, become inconspicuous and therefore tend to recede. It’s less of a feeling of claustrophobia and more one of coziness and intimacy.


The secret really lies not in the paint color itself, but what goes against this velvety backdrop. Whatever it is that you place against it will be where your eye is drawn and so best make whatever it is worthy of attention. Objects and furnishings pop against dark colors – more so than they would against a white backdrop – and colors appear brighter and bolder.

Take care when choosing your art and accessories – ensure they engage the mind, attract the eye and tantalise the senses. The more interesting and engaging your choices, the more the resulting room comes to life.

A hint of shimmery metallics will add a natural glamour as well, piercing the darkness with their reflective surfaces. White provides a fitting contrast, becoming brighter and starker.

In a room full of warm neutrals, be sure to bring in plenty of texture to keep things from looking too flat and creating a cozy and welcoming vibe.

Lighting in a dark room plays a prominent role as well. You want to create pockets of light with plenty of options – not just for your general lighting but also by way of things like table and floor lamps as well as wall sconces, illuminating various areas of the room that you want to draw attention to.


Choose the right furniture and accessories for your dark walls with eye-catching details, textures and statement color.

While I won’t necessarily be painting every wall in my own home a dark hue, I still love my bedroom with it’s warm and intimate coziness. Will dark paint colors become the next ‘builder beige’? That’s probably doubtful as I do believe it takes a little bit of courage to take that leap but I certainly hope this trend which is certainly getting stronger all the time, decides to stay awhile.

What do you think of the latest trend of dark wall colors? Is it something you’d like in your home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!