You are having a project to cut a few large wooden boards. However, the types of saws that you are using cannot complete the task you want.

To handle this challenge, I recommend that you should equip a sliding compound miter saw for your workshop right away.

The Sliding compound miter is a type of miter saw. It is capable of cutting large boards quickly and without taking much of your time. Besides, If you want to cut corners or cut bevels, it can also meet that task.

In today’s article, I will cover some of the criteria you need to consider if you want to buy a sliding compound miter saw for your family or workshop. These criteria will help you make the right purchase decisions. Well, Are you curious about what those criteria are?  Let’s find out right below.


The motor is one of the important criteria when picking a sliding compound miter saw or any other power tool. Because the motor is an important factor determining the running speed of a tool is good or not.

Specifically, you should check the power of the motor, its RPM speed, and voltage before purchasing. As recommended by experts, you should choose a tool with 15 amp motor and its speed of about 3000-4000 rpm is the best fit. With the 15amp engine, you can easily handle the usual wood-cutting tasks. For example, it is used in making furniture like cutting door frames, molding, etc.

There are two common types of motors available today. It is corded and cordless. Each type has different advantages and outstanding features. Especially, the corded motor is powered by electricity and you need to plug it directly into the socket if you want to use it. In contrast, the cordless motor is operated by battery. And you have to charge the battery regularly to avoid interruption of the cutting process. In the opinion of many previous users, The corded motor is more popular and used than cordless motor because of its ability to operate for a long time.


Next, the saw blade is also a necessary criterion for you to consider because it directly determines your cuts. To get a suitable saw blade, you need to know what your cutting purpose is. In particular, if you want to cut large boards, you should choose a large saw blade. And vice versa, if you only need to cut small boards, you choose a smaller saw.  Besides the size of the blade, you need to consider whether the blade fits the tool. For example, a 12-inch miter saw can only use 12-inch blades. If you use the blade that is too large or too small, the device will not run.

You also need to consider the number of teeth on each saw blade. It determines the precision and smoothness of the saw blade. Specifically, the blades have many teeth suitable for cutting small boards that require high precision and aesthetics. And conversely, to cut large boards quickly, you should use a saw blade with fewer teeth.

Dust collection system

If you only use power tools for family, you do not need to care about this function. However, if you work in a large workshop, I think that this function is quite necessary. Specifically, when you cut wood, there will be a lot of debris from the wood flying out. It contaminates your work area. And those pieces of wood can hurt you or the people around you if you accidentally touch them. Therefore, the dust collection system will keep your workspace always clean and shiny.


Safety is another criterion that people need to consider when buying the best sliding compound miter saw. You should choose a tool that is equipped with security features. Because, when using electric tools, specifically a miter saw, you may encounter many unexpected accidents that you cannot predict. Therefore, the tool’s safety features will protect you from any such accidents or damage. With a miter saw, you can be assured of its safety features. For example, the device is equipped with a brake system that prevents the blade from turning within a few seconds. If you encounter a situation involving a non-stop rotating blade, this brake system will help the tool stop within a few seconds by reversing the power using the brake mechanism.


The sliding compound miter saw is an expensive tool. Surely, you never want to put your earnings into buying an unreliable device, right? So how to buy a quality device and can be used for a long time? I think many people are also very interested in the above question, right?

To choose a guaranteed tool, I recommend purchasing it at reputable facilities that are trusted by many people. As for the brand, you should choose a brand that is widely used and known to make sure about the warranty and repair process later.

In conclusion

I have covered some criteria that you need to consider choosing the best quality sliding compound miter saw.

I hope the information above will help you in your buying decision. Lastly, I thank you very much for reading through this article. Have a nice day